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The Magical World

A place so enchanting that many of our guests have fallen in love with it at first sight. Will you also experience a similar, so pleasant fate of those who fell in love? We hope so. 

Perhaps it is the charm of antiques and beautiful nature that puts our guests in such a mood. It is quite possible that the aristocratic, magnate atmosphere lends itself to them. Maybe it is the smell of a game meat, a rest in the house of a bard. Colourful legends and stories may also have some significance here. Who is to say? Certainly, behind the Dubiecko Castle's doorstep, there is a completely different, somewhat magical, pleasant world. Dubiecko was first mentioned in 14th-century annals. The fact that two very different heroes are associated with the Castle is no legend. It is here that Ignacy Krasicki was born. A literary genius and an influential bishop. Therefore, he has his own separate place of honour at the Castle. In turn, the figure of Stanisław Stadnicki, known simply as the Devil, became the basis for many local legends. Besides, there are many more amusing and surprising stories connected with the Castle and its surroundings. It is nice to listen to them, all the more so because these walls, this land and a 200-year-old oak tree were eyewitnesses to them!

It would be a sin not to cherish the beautiful legacy of the Castle and its surroundings. It would be unforgivable to forget about the people living here, who created the amazing atmosphere of this place. Cultivating beautiful traditions – even culinary ones – is a source of pride for us. It was also an obvious inspiration when creating the contemporary appearance of the Castle.

We have created a place that is both stylish and colourful, both traditional – in the best sense of the word – and modern. Comfortable and atmospheric. Relaxing and allowing you to take a journey into the history of the region. Tempting with elegant décor, excellent cuisine and many attractions. A place where guests feel special, where they can take rest and enjoy themselves. Where they can celebrate the most important moments in their private and professional lives. A place famous for its elegant, comfortable rooms, extraordinary cuisine, attractions for those active, interested in culture and sightseeing.

In short – we invite you! Dubiecko will be a cornucopia for you.  

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