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Dubiecko Castle

Dubiecko Castle is a unique place where the present blends with the past, and if you listen carefully, you can still hear the echo of old voices, laughter and feasts within the old castle walls. When setting off on a magical journey along an international road, you will pass the Dubiecko entry sign, reach the nearby castle and stand in the courtyard in the shade of a 200-year-old oak tree. An extraordinary place where time does not exist is waiting for you.

Dubiecko Castle has a soul that makes its guests never forget it. Perhaps they will even smile at the memory of a shadow threatening them with its fist, offended by Krasicki's "Monachomachia", or a monk's ghost, as Gałczyński wrote in his poem – the castle wine cellar full of dusty bottles has seen more than one thing... Or maybe in the middle of the city they will smell the scent of leaves from the castle park

where the Bishop and the Devil used to stroll...

The history of Dubiecko Castle is mainly connected with two people: Stanisław Stadnicki and Ignacy Krasicki.

Both were born here, but each of them has a different place in people's memory. “The Devil of Łańcut”, or Stadnicki, was a brawler and a bully, and the castle dungeons resounded with the moans of people imprisoned by the hated Devil. Ignacy Krasicki, poet and bishop, although he spent only his childhood here, often returned to his homeland. A painting of his family hangs in the Fireplace Room of the castle. Were some of the famous fables created in the castle rooms? Did people in Krasicki's times whisper about a mysterious dwarf sneaking in the park? The legend of the dwarf has survived to this day. It is about a mysterious figure who suddenly disappeared from sight; about footsteps resounding in the castle corridors, although they were empty; about horses suddenly frightened for no reason. But, perhaps, it was only the stable boy who, without his master's knowledge, visited the wine cellar and spun extraordinary stories – who knows how it really was...

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